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Separator Gen2 (EMS Gen2)

The EMS Gen2 combines the new patented APRON LESS design with the patented AIR FEED technology.

Features & Specifications

• A separator without an apron, eliminating a complex system that is practically maintenance free.

• The Air Feed, again is eliminating a complex system that is practically maintenance free.

• A new belt tracking device helps extend the belt life.

• The fan has been relocated which increases efficiency and eases maintenance.

• Redesigned support structure reduces footprint and improves work area access.

• Constructed of structural and heavy gauge powder coated mild steel.


EMS Gen2 Improvements Compared to EMS and Other Separators

  • The EMS has proven to be the best separator available with the best performance and separation quality, and very little maintenance.
  • The apron has always been one of the areas that requires routine maintenance and replacement parts.
  • Historically all separators including the EMS used an apron to transport out the heavies.
  • We spent a lot of time designing a solution to eliminate the apron. After the design stage we built a 12’ separator and tested it. The new system worked extremely well beyond our expectations. As a result, the EMS Gen2 was born.
  • The EMS Gen2 HAS NO APRON and we patented it! The EMS Gen2 uses a perforated transporting deck which walks the heavies forward to the discharge of the separator, and discharges the heavies from the separator.
  • This system requires very little maintenance and actually has a much easier access to the base of the machine for cleaning and service if and when necessary.




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