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History of Evans Machinery

Humble Beginnings
A backyard barn in Eastern NC was where it all began.  In 1979, three brothers with hearts full of ambition and humility launched a small business fabricating BBQ chicken grills and doing odd metal jobs.  By 1981, Donald, Bobby and Tony were one hundred percent focused on the success of Evans Metal Fabrication, Inc. and began to devote full-time attention to building their family's legacy. 

The Next Generation
Second-generation Evans bought the family business in 2016 and committed to grow and expand the legacy their fathers so earnestly began just 37 years prior.  The Evans' facility now operates from a 140,000 square-foot facility nestled deep in the heart of Eastern NC and proudly serves the USA and countries all around the world. 

Local Roots, International Impact
In 1992, the company underwent a name change, becoming known as Evans Machinery and Metal Fabrication, Inc. establishing themselves as experts not only in custom metal work but also in tobacco processing equipment and metal duct work.  Evans had become an international contender, shipping equipment all over the world while maintaining local crews capable of installing and repairing new and used equipment.

Industry Leaders
1998 brought even bigger changes with the purchase of its largest competitor - MacTavish Machine Manufacturing Company based out of Richmond, Va.  With this acquisition, Evans quickly became a processing equipment industry leader, boasting 140 years combined engineering and design experience and transforming into a company capable of producing a turn-key project with full engineering support. 

More exciting news came in 2006 when Evans bought the fertilizer handling and equipment line from Agricraft Company who was going out of business. Adding this new product line in addition to the already successful tobacco processing equipment line proved to be a win-win for the company.

Back to Their Roots
In 2008, yet another name change seemed to be in order; a name that would reflect the new additions and expanded vision.  For several years, the company would be known as Evans MacTavish Agricraft Inc.  In 2016, under new ownership, an updated logo package was attempted and while this seemed appropriate on the surface, it never quite felt like home.  After much consideration, in 2019, the company was forever named Evans Machinery - honoring the legacy of the three Evans brothers who fanned the spark into a flame.   

A Force to Be Reckoned With
Today, Evans Machinery manufactures the highest quality and most efficient Tobacco Processing Equipment and Agricultural Bulk Handling & Spreading Equipment in the world.  While they continue to handle all things MacTavish and Agricraft, they are so much more.  Using state-of-the-art equipment, they offer expert metalwork design, custom metal fabrication, and powder-coating/wet paint finishing options for equipment or parts.  Evans’ certified welders can handle any welding project - stick, tig and mig, and offer on-site demolition and installation services for their equipment or your own. 

Evans Machinery, Inc. is USA born and USA proud, passionately serving Eastern NC, the region, the nation, and the world.



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