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With the Evans Machinery Counterflow, you get a threshed tobacco separator that is a well-known industry workhorse and is user proven to be the most efficient type on the market.

Features and Specifications

  • A vertical airflow thru a perforated metal apron moves the light product to a discharge hood. The heavier product floats on the apron and is carried to the next process stage.
  • The perforated metal apron helps eliminate bird nesting, tracking problems, and reduces maintenance.
  • The separation chamber has variable-speed primary and secondary inlet winnowers which toss the product across the vertical airstream twice.
  • Remote controlled airflow, low power consumption, and lighted separation chamber with see-through clean outdoors.
  • Can be stacked for multi-stage separation with minimum floor space.
  • Easily incorporated into existing threshing lines and adaptable to secondary operations such as scrap cleaning.




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