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Bulk Feeder

The Evans Machinery Bulk Feeder is a heavy-duty piece of equipment designed to loosen, blend, and feed a continuous controlled flow of tobacco in a very efficient manner. The Bulk Feeder can be equipped with a dumper or tipper for hogsheads, bales, and tubs.

Features & Specifications

  • The lower apron, running at a constant speed, pushes product against an variable speed incline belt. Cleats and pins on the incline belt carries the tobacco against an adjustable rotating “refuser” doffer which maintains the even and uniform product flow. A revolving wiper at the discharge cleans the cleats and pins.
  • The doffer adjustment hand wheel is at eye level.
  • The product conveying sprocket and chain style belts are supported by rollers on replaceable wear strips.
  • The capacity of the bulk feeder is determined by its’ width, the height of cleats and pins, the doffer setting and the speed of the belts.
  • Constructed of structural and heavy gauge powdered coated mild steel.




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