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Automatic Degradation Shaker

The Automatic Degradation Shaker is a piece of essential quality control laboratory equipment for measuring the degradation of strip tobacco. The shaker is self-cleaning and operates automatically via a PLC with a touchscreen operator interface.

Features & Specifications

  • The shaker operates automatically by receiving a test sample, weighing it, then shaking it over four screens which divides the product by size. Each resulting portion is then weighed with the results displayed by weight or as a percentage of the total sample.
  • The self cleaning system is connected to the dust collection system. It uses brushes and a vacuum to clean the screens after each test and ready the shaker for the next sample.
  • The automatic degradation laboratory shaker is fully compliant to CORESTA requirements and other international standards.
  • Floor space requirements are: 111”(2.8m) W x 209”(5.3m) L x 106”(2.7m) H • Constructed of stainless steel, aluminum, and powder coated carbon steel




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